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Avalon Grooming

Due to heavy demand we now have a purpose built, bright, well ventilated and airy grooming facility to the rear of the property.

Good grooming is more than just skill with grooming equipment, it is also about a knowledge of dog and cat behaviour. We were lucky to have had one to one training and have been able to improve on the knowledge we learned at the time. We have an intense knowledge and awareness of animal behaviour and can advise you on best practice for your pet. We groom for hygiene and practical purposes, it is important that you are able to maintain and enjoy your pet. It is also important that your pet is comfortable. Be assured that we will do our best to meet our ethos of care, hygiene and practicability and as with all of our services the welfare of your pet will always be our primary consideration.
The grooming prices below are indicative however the condition of your pet will reflect the final cost and this can and will be discussed prior to grooming. It is important to us to cause your pet as little discomfort as possible and so if it is unethical to de-matt then we would hope that you trust us to make the appropriate decision during the grooming process.

Grooming prices



The following prices are a guideline in terms of work and size of the dog.
Starting from:
Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese Terrier & Jack Russell £33
Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso & Shih Zhu £38

West Highland WE, Cairn CT, Border BT, Lakeland LT & Wired Haired Fox WHFT £35
Welsh Terrier WT £38
Tibetan Terrier £40
Soft Coated Wheaten SCW £50

Miniature £35
Standard £50
Giant £65

Border Collie BC £45 (brush and bath only)

King Charles KCC £38
Springer ESS £45
Cocker CS £45

Toy £38
Standard £65

LAB Labrador £45 (bath and brush only)
GR Golden Retriever £60 (bath and brush only)
GSHP German Shepard £65 (bath and brush only)
CB Bearded Collie £65
AT Airdale Terrier £65

X BREEDS £various


We also offer a grooming service for cats with the cost ranging from £45 (Shorthair) to £75 (Long Haired) depending on the work to be done.
Cat grooming can be a dangerous process if there are matts, the condition of the cat will be reflected in the grooming cost as more time may have to be taken to ensure the safety of the cat. It also usually takes 2 people to hold your cat in a way to ensure safety. The price for cat grooming DOES NOT include a bath.

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